Digital Paid Marketing

Digital paid marketing is largely pay per click advertisement on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram. While there are more platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. the mostly used platform are Google/ Facebook/ Instagram.

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The important points in digital paid marketing are:

  • Identifying the demographics, the interest, the personas, the keywords related to your product that you wish to sell digitally. Proper research needs to be done before you start your ad campaign. Some simple ways could be to study your competitors and try to emulate them. While simply said the process is complex.
  • Creating a digital first creative, something that catches the eye within a fraction of a second and motivates the person to take an action. But a person who is really interested in availing the services or buying the product that have advertised.
  • Then comes the budgeting part, this is where you define how much amount would you like to spend on advertisement on a daily basis.
  • The most important part is patience and a long-term planning as ads take time to optimize. While FB and Instagram mention 5 days as learning my observation has been that ads that have run for a month plus end up giving better results.
  • A regular review and monitoring of ads performance on a daily basis helps you initially understand if the ad is working properly. This is where you need to keep optimizing the ads for a better result.

Digital paid advertisement is a very useful tool to understand how your product will perform in the market. As the feedback mechanism is much faster than the conventional way.