What are Chatbots?

They are not simple flows but involve artificial intelligence.

So how do we implement one?

Before we start it is imperative to understand on what are Chatbots

Are all our customer questions answered by a chatbot

Chatbots should be conversational in nature like a real human being. It should be able to understand the questions as well as take the conversation forward. Help our customer in not only in making them understand our product but at the same time guide them with precise information that they are looking for. Largely the Chatbots are designed as purely flow based question answer.

Know what are chatbots

How Chatbot can become a Large opportunity in our current business

They are virtual agent that work for 24 hours a day

A properly designed chatbot can become the face of the organization. While the task is definitely not an easy one, its definitely doable and good chatbot can help you generate not only insights but also understand customer queries better. In turn creating content that customers are looking for or searching for on the internet. Further, in todays scenario where giving your number could lead to spamming many customer are not comfortable sharing their mobile number.

Like organization cannot work in silos similarly your website (technical side), chatbot, your content, your user interface cannot work in silos. Each and every part has to be stiched to make a comprehensive digital tool that helps the organization strategy.

While the usage of chabot is growing exponentially, what are chatbot used for?

Time is limited and so why waste time in connecting with a customer care executive if the answer comes faster by simply typing a few words. Self service is the way of future and if it can be achieved with little human intervention the better it is.

Quick answer to queries

For raising complaints and getting them resolved

For finding solutions to their problems

query resolution problem resolution complaints service an important aspect of chatbot
Implementation of chatbots lead to saving of time money and creating value

The beauty is that it does not cost much plus adds value to the organization

Time is money so are employees, expensive!!!

These bots can help you automate conversation initially the simple ones and later answer complex question which in turn would reduce the need of an employee. So that the manpower liberated can be utilised for more complex and important work. Even for employees common questions are mentally draining so in turn improving the employee productivity.

Today where social media is becoming critical these employees may be used for conversational communication with the end customer in turn creating higher engagement, brand value and business for the organization.

What matters is business so leads are critical

Chatbot can be very direct in terms of their questions and whcih could be really useful in understanding on why is the customer visiting the website. Engaging with the customer at the right point could be useful. If the customer shows interest a simple question would you like to connect with out customer relationship manager could lead to business. After the customer has been properly primed.

Further, the interaction could be stored in the history so that the relationship manager can answer the customer better. This will in turn create a lot of data around customer that are visiting the website and help the marketing team understand the customer better.

what matters is business leads and revenue - chatbot
chatbots need to lead a person to buy a product

Leading customers to what action we would like them to take

Chatbot can be used to frame the right set of questions to the customer and lead them to take decisions that would lead them to buy our product. Let us examine our own behaviour we at times go out for just window shopping and finally coming out purchasing a product. Similarly, asking the right set of open ended questions we could lead the customer to purchase our product.

Some of the questions could be - What problems do you face while purchasing land? - What are your investment goals? - What is your location? could help propose the right product - Where do you work? Could be used to share that similar customers have bought the product. - What all support would you need? - Like any payment flexibility is needed, etc.

We cant have call center open 24 hours!!!

Chatbot can be your representative for 24 hours even when our call centre is closed. Which means if someone is even trying to explore our product at his or her leisure the chatbot can be effectively used to answer the queries leading to an appointment during working hours.

The customer Turn around time for response wait time is reducing as the technology is evolving and so we need to align to their expectations. Chatbot obvioulsy will answer immediately.

Call centres cannot remain open for 24 hours 7 days a week for all businesses
Use chatbot to engage with customer at all levels

Engaging with customer at different level

Some of the companies have started using chatbots effectively. Creating different ways to engage and simplify life of the customer. Chatbot can effectively used by sharing images, videos of the project being sold.

We could even create a persona of the chatbot, you could give it a name so that the customer know that they are connecting with the chatbot.

So how do we implement a chatbot

Set clear goals and expectations from the chatbot

What will the chatbot do? What problem are we trying to solve for the customer? Who are our customer? What product are we promoting? Are we trying to generate leads?

Set a clear content strategy on what will we show on the chatbot

What would be a useful and important content for the customer. Create FAQ based on past experiences. The experience department would be the right place to check for the question asked regularly by the customer. Then you could check with the sales team on what questions are asked by the customer during the purchase, what are leading questions that could help increase business. Take insights from the team that handles the social media for what all is the customer looking for.

Set the way the chatbot is going to interact with the customer

Would we like to set a formal tone or an informal one. While for our industry it would be formal.

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While we have covered most of the points here in the article further detailing would be useful