Understanding Youtube algorithm is the Key

Building a large followers base is critical for business growth.

So What should be done?

How to use Youtube algorithm to create a large follower base in the real estate business

It's imperative to understand the Youtube algorithm of real estate

The first and the most important aspect to Youtube success is moving the thought from us as a real estate business to what is Youtube looking as content for the real estate. Let us remember the fact that Youtube too has a lot of compettion to deal with and the only way to compete with them is to provide content that is seen more and more. While the content is visual it also needs to create a strong niche that keeps attracting the customer and keeps him hooked for hours.

It's imperative to understand the Youtube algorithm of real estate

The opportunity lies in creating and posting the right content

Some changes to be mindful in the recent years

If you have observed the Youtube content over the last decade you would agree that the content quality has changed a lot. With very effective and pinpointed information on Youtube even languages like Hindi have good quality information content available. In case you are playing with only visual creative then That has to be of the highest level to attract viewership.

For real estate as an industry it definitely is necessary to crreate educational and informative content. That attracts the right segment who are likely to purchase the product.

On hindsight do not confuse Youtube.

Youtube algorithm is still not truly intelligent

The hype that has been created around Google and it's products is so high and the expections even higher that we forget that Youtube is ultimately data processing machine. So it becomes very difficult to process different set of diverse content. So to be effective we need to put content that helps Youtube in its quest of showing the right content to the right person. Hence when you end up mixing various types of content on a channel Youtube is not able to take your content up.

Do not confuse youtube by posting variety of content

So what do we need to do to create followers on Youtube

We need a clear Executional strategy

The first step and the easier one is what you would like to be known for (largely your product). But, the the most important one is what are the customer looking from your product to solve their problems. As that is the key to connect with our customer which will also help in understanding on what all are they searching for on the internet. What topics in turn lead to your products, not necessarily direct like someone searching for investment could be inspired by projects like The House of Abhinandan Lodha who are leaders when it comes to land as an investment.

The Strategy to get more Youtube followers on your channel
The Social Media Funnel for inorganic marketing

Stick to your strategy do not divert from it

It's easy to lose focus or get disoriented

We make a common error that is to become impatient which is natural. In today's era where results are seeked immediately, the pressure to deliver is huge, outcomes that are not visible create lot of stress and a disorientation. Which ultimately lead to going off track and ultimately losing the objective. You may have seen many channels have a huge content of various topics. Which in itself is confusing for a human being and I am sure it would be confusing for a machine as powerful like Google also.

Content is the King

While the above will keep you on track to deliver as per our viewer need. The content still remains the king. The content has to be engaging, inspiring and motivating so that the customer keeps coming in for more and more. The ideal would be that once the customer sees one video he stays hooked on the channel for a longer time and watches multiple videos.

The Social Media Funnel for inorganic marketing
The Social Media Funnel for inorganic marketing

Have an attractive Thumbnail

Visual display attracts the visitor

The first thing we see in Youtube is the thumbnail. So try to make the thumbnail as attractive and relevant to the topic as possible. One it will motivate the vistor to watch the video second once in the vistor will find the topic relevant too.

Title is important

The Title too should be based on your viewers and your content. How do you attract the personas that you are targeting and they need to also be structured in such a way that are indexed by google to your relevant topic. There are many tools online that you may use to frame it properly.

Youtube tittle is important for more viewership
Youtube Description a tool not used effectively by many


Youtube Description a tool not used effectively by many

Youtube is about videos but then description not only helps you to engage with the viewers but at the same time tells Google search about the video. As text is better read and deciphered by Google and usually better structured than an impromptu speech. Plus there are advantages of adding your link and create flow to the website for further information.

Youtube Tags also add to the keyword strategy

Choose your tags well they should be realted to the topic you are covering do not try to make them generic or trying to cover words that your content does not cover. Look at the pic the tags are too generic and will not add value.

Youtube Tags also add to the keyword strategy

There are many other tools

There are many other tools like cards, playlist, annotations, subtittles, etc that I leave you to explore and use them to your advantage.