Everything in house!

We are a 360-degree digital marketing, and we cover all aspects of online presence of a business. To succeed on digital marketing, it is imperative that you cover all aspects that will lead to your success. A 360-degree digital marketing covers generating leads digitally both organic and inorganic, increasing digital presence through website (SEO), social media platforms, creating engaging content (written, pictures, videos, podcast) to attract prospective customers.

We also help kick start new organization using a combination of both organic and inorganic approaches.

Digital Paid Marketing

We set digital campaign on Google, Facebook, Instagram that generate leads that leads to your business growth. Depending on the product being advertised the lead cost may vary from Rs. 20/- to Rs. 100+ per lead in exceptional circumstances the lead cost goes higher (For example international campaigns).

Social Media Handling

Social media handling management involves the process of managing the business/ professional handle of a customer. With the objective of establishing a strong business online presence through content and create a base of followers that in turn brings in revenue to the organization.

Website is essential!

Having a website is essential for any business in today’s digital age. Some of the benefits of having a website is it helps in having an online presence, increases credibility, attracts new customers, builds customer relationships, Improves marketing efforts, etc.

Organic Reach!

While organic reach is largely associated with Google search optimization. So, from the design of the website to the content, to listing the content on Google, to monitoring the performance, to its authority, its ranking, its user experience, everything matters. Similarly, you need to have a strong social media organic presence at that too brings you lots of business.

Content matters!

There are various forms of content that is being absorbed by the end user as per his convenience. While the priority is definitely videos, it still does not mean that the effort should not be put on written content, pictures or audio content. In fact, of late audio content has been booming up continuously.

We have our own studio.

We offer a plethora of services, photography, videography, models, editing and we have all required equipment’s to provide you with the best-in-class media. The team is in house hence our turnaround time (TAT) is very low.