Hello Friends,

Photography equal to memories or I would say equivalent to capture and store cherished memories. Life never remains the same, time changes, memories move fast to the subconscious mind. Specially the one which have been filled with fun. You grow from a baby, to an adult full of energy, people around you, then you grow old and then close ones fizzle out. What remains are memories and with aging the memories too gets lost.

This is where a camera comes handy. As I feel memories should not only be captured but stored in their best form. Hence a good DSLR comes in handy. I have seen many get Overwhelmed with the cost of the camera. Yes it is expensive, not easy to handle if you are not willing to spend time on it. While having bought one eight years back. But, the thought keeps coming back on why I did not buy earlier. How much I miss

Beautiful memories spent with my Mother, my Father whom I lost early in my life

Capturing the most beautiful memories spent with my beautiful wife

Memories of my kids growing up

And many more

Why did I not get some high quality photograph done by a photographer

Anyway better be late than never - Start capturing beautiful moments

Because time cannot be reversed and memories are “Priceless”