Why you should never retire in life

Why you should never retire in Life?

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I have would have read multiple books on how to retire early in life, what all you need to do to retire by 40, etc. My view is totally different which is you should never retire in life. You may leave a job, do something of your own, engage in activities which you enjoy doing. But, never ever retire in life!!!

Why you should never retire in life
Why you should never retire in life

Retirement from life is like saying that you are ready to move to your next life like Hindu say it. Go to heaven as other religion say. So what should you do is very important, you have plenty of money then you may engage in various activities. Why am stressing on it is simple till you are value to people, people and even your kids will be near you. The day you are of no value you end up in an old age home.

So what should you do be part of the rat race till 60 years and then again get into another one, or earn ample money to sustain after 40 and then get into another rat race. What am I suggesting is not get into another rat race but become social and contribute to the society. Many of you would have tremendous knowledge which many under privileged kids would not be privy too.

You have may have not invested on people around you as being of the rat race during your prime age. But, now that you are out of it you could probably use that time to invest on people, invest on the society or the country who has provided the opportunity to grow. How will this help the society is not important – How will it help you is very important. Man is a social being is what I have read, social means being surrounded by people. As a baby people surrounded you as you were cute, as an adult as you were pretty or handsome, as a successful person as power was around you, now that you have none get surrounded by people by shaping their future as knowledge is what is left in you.

Don’t pity, sympathize with poor people or weak people. Help them, support them make them successful and then you would be surrounded with people rather than awaiting your last moment in an old age home.

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