Today’s Recipe – Peanut cookie

Ingredients:-                      Quantity:-
Peanuts                               85 gms.
Brown Sugar                      85 gms.
Egg                                      2 nos.
vanilla essence or              half tsp
any other flavoring
Salt                                      as per taste


1. Roast peanuts in a pan or in oven for a few minutes .
2. Peel and chop them into small distinguishable pieces then sprinkle salt over it.
3. Remove the yolk(yellow part of the eggs) and beat the whites that are remaining till it is stiff.
4. Add flavorings and sugar slowly while continuing to beat the whites.
5. After the sugar and the flavoring is properly mixed fold in the peanuts that we prepared before.
6. Arrange ten spoonful of the mixture an inch apart from each other on a butter greased tray, you could also put a design on it using forks.
7. Put the tray in the oven and bake at 300° Celsius till they are light brown in color and are crisp.
8. After removing them from oven let them cool for 10-15 mins and serve.

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