Self Learning

Self Learning – The key to success

Hi Friends,

Have you ever found yourself to be badly stuck with no directions and solutions in a job?

Well this is the time to learn that the key to success does not lie in what education you have had in life only. But, how effectively you use that education to learn yourself is the key. There are various ways to do a self learning specially with the advent of the internet and many willing to share their own success stories and tips are in plenty.

Why self learning as there are training programs conducted by the organization. While no doubt training programs are great and usually in sync with the requirement of an employee. There are many times that you need immediate answers and that may lead you to grow or stagnate in an organization. Personally attending such program may cost a lot as being done by expert trainers in that field.

Self Learning

But, then there are some questions which are equally important which are:

  • If the knowledge is available for free why are books sold and that too at a heavy price.
  • Do we learn from the web or buy books of that topic
  • Can I afford the 2-3 days training program or should I invest in it

Well the answer is simple – Knowledge does not come free and only those who really hold good knowledge are in a position to charge for it. No offense to many who provide also good knowledge free of cost. Let me give you small example which one of my friend shared recently. We were discussing on how to improve the ranking of my site with him. He said Sonal I read many articles online about the topic and the internet is full of such articles and maybe one of the most sought after. He continued sharing his experience of reading multiple of them and trying to experiment to improve his own website. But, finally he concluded saying that those articles are much more superficial and that finally he read a book on how to improve ranking on google. Which was a total game changer and he understood the whole concept much better and in depth.

What I could zero down on was the articles on the web are usually short at a max of 5000 words which may provide some superficial detail giving you some directions immediately.  But, if you really want to become an expert then you need to possibly read 2-3 high quality books of that topic. As clearing a concept takes a detailed understanding of the subject rather than a superficial one.

Second there is a lot of possibility of copy paste online as it is easier to do it. Which does not require intelligence but an expertise of finding multiple articles all around and making your own. While books is usually written after much thought, expertise with well established credential of the person writing it.

Third articles on the web may have been written to get more hits and with keywords which are only take the ranking up of the site. Ranking does not indicate how many have read the post or the quality of the post. While a book needs to be sold in millions to be read and accepted by people all around.

Training programs are really good but most of us cannot afford such programs on a regular basis. So the best solution to self learning is going through books written by experts on that field. The only challenge is the willingness to learn despite difficult office schedule and the discipline to read daily as you may get 1-2 hours a day only.

To end it up if you want to grow in life make a few changes in your habit:

  • Self learning
  • Discipline to do it daily
  • Identify good books and learn

All the best.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

― Ernest Hemingway

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