Restructure Organization

Restructure your organization like a mother not a father!!!

Hi friends

Does this shake you up, are you afraid, are you willing to be part of restructuring, are you scared that your job will be lost?

Well all this can be addressed by the organization you work for actually understand what restructuring is and how it addresses it.

So what are the critical factor to be addressed while restructuring:

  • Keep the company lean and profitable – That’s actually why the company formed for

  • Keep the loyalty of the employee at the highest level – That’s why the company succeeded in the past

  • Keep your best resources intact

  • Keep training your resources so that they can fit into the new roles being created

Restructure Organization

So what do you do to restructure:

  • A long term strategy – Identify roles that may get obsolete in the next 3-5 years

  • Identify new roles that would emerge as a result

  • Train your employees to take up new roles

  • Have an honest chat with the employee share that the role is going to be obsolete and how he needs to focus to learn and understand which role he can fit in

  • Don’t recruit from outside – Move people from within

  • Have the strongest person lead the restructuring with the maximum empowerment – Strong enough to push the highest person to train the team

  • Train your managers to train their team for the new roles or identify those who could shape the concerned person.

  • Don’t get new people to train the team, get your existing functional experts to train

  • Dedicate 30% of the leaders appraisal to develop team for the new roles with clear monitoring tools (Even if its a three year period process)

What is the resultant of the ideal restructuring:

  • Restructuring is as smooth as ever

  • You retain your talent – Remember a known devil is always better than an unknown one

  • You remain fresh as an organization as it forces everyone to learn new ways and gain new knowledge

  • Your team does not get obsolete as well as the organization does not become obsolete

  • People will get into a habit of learning daily and will come up with new innovative ways to succeed

  • Finally you save lot of cost and become really cost effective

  • On the long term your attrition will be the lowest, the team will be fresh, the sense of security will increase, customer engagement would be at the pinnacle, profits will be beyond imagination

I have heard many saying that asking one to go is very hard, think of the person who is being asked to go his life stops the next day. To succeed an organization has to have the maturity of a mother not a father. I am happy to see many females taking the leadership role and hope to see the change happening in organizations too.

The toughest role is of a mother not a father. But, most successful people lives have been shaped up by their mothers not fathers…

Restructure your organization like a mother not a father.

Remember ruthless leaders like Alexander may be remembered but are left to die alone. Success at what cost is to be understood.

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