Another case of poor strategy by an organization – IIM-A asks Flipkart to guarantee jobs of recruits, says Rs 1.5 lakh compensation for late joining unaccepatable

Hi Friends

A few days back I had put a post on restructuring. Well this is a classic case of poor strategy at the highest level leading to:

  • Poor brand reputation

  • Stopping of high quality manpower applying for job

Seriously start ups and new age organizations strategy is leading to deterioration of the brand. There was a time when the strength of an organization was on the quality of the employee.

Even today when we invest into the share market one of the most important aspect looked at is the quality of management.  How do I read this news as an ordinary person?

  • Poor Planning

  • Playing with employee’s future

  • Is the management good enough

  • Is the company doing so bad

Very dangerous for organizations that are trying to stand out and create a brand in itself. While an institute like IIM – A can take drastic steps and get the company to bow to their demand. What about the other students and other people who would have been selected and asked to not join later on?

I would like to end up saying that:

“Don’t play play with peoples lives to meet your ambitions”

“People are the reason for an organization to survive treat them”

Hope that the senior management of organizations will learn from other mistake. Well that’s what wise men do!!!

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