Photo under low light condition

Lighting an important aspect of photography

You may not require high end gadgets to get a good picture most of the times a well lit photograph is sufficient to give a good look. This picture was taken under low light conditions and in my previous days would have resulted in a poor quality picture. At times you land up in a low light condition and get stuck on how to capture a good picture.

Lighting is critical to get good photo

Photo under low light condition

So how do you deal with such situation. Here are some tips:

  • Do a Reiki of the location (It took me 5-10 minutes) to zero down the place
  • Look for a place where light is diffused
  • Search for a place where the light is even
  • This place is near a window and water was flowing on it creating a nice lighting effect
  • Check the background for the ambience
  • Smile, pose sit straight

Next start clicking your pictures and I ended up having a nice soft picture which I used as a profile photo. So even you are in low light conditions and do have a 50mm lens search for even light and get good pics.



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