Organization structure

Hi I don’t agree that a lean organization leads to a better customer experience!!!

Hi Friends another topic for debate.

I don’t agree that lean is equivalent to better customer experience.

The reason for my saying this is that removing a layer may not necessarily translate into faster flow of information. What I mean to say that by reducing a layer from an organization may not result in customer pain flowing in faster.

Organization structure

Definitely a layer less will reduce the resistance to the flow of information. But, there is another part which scares the team to take up issues to the next level. During restructuring a fear get’s inculcated that people who question more are the one who get targeted. Hence it is better to be a mute spectator rather than raise the issue and get into the firing line.

There is one more theory I have:

Speed of information is inversely proportional to the level gap between two levels

Further, to enhance the fear the one to leave are usually the stronger and better guys who really had the capability of questioning the management as well ask for support.

So should we go lean or not is immaterial, what matters is the flow of the information of the customer issue to the top management at the highest speed possible. Empower team to take decisions that are favorable for the organization. Train the team to proactively find solutions to resolve customer issues and improve customer experience.

The flow of the information should be at the speed of lightening so that the management is aware of the issues and are working towards addressing the same.

Excellent customer experience = Flow of the information at the speed of light


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