relax before an interview

Few critical skills to get through an interview – Relax and get that job

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This is one skill which is very critical prior to an interview.



Yes try to relax before an interview, this is very critical specially when you are waiting for your turn to come up. Specially when getting that job is very critical. This will help you a lot, the reason plain and simple. How many times have you made a mistake in life when you were stressed, in a hurry, nervous, etc. Well personally I would have made more mistake then when I was relaxed.

So how do you relax?

relax before an interview

Two simple ways to relax prior to an interview:

  • Preparation: First prepare as much as you can before the interview, find what the role requires and prepare accordingly. This will help you ease out your pressure a lot. Also, rehearse mentally about the interview by repeating the tentative questions that could be asked before the interview. Make sure you read your resume multiple times as it helps you answering many questions during the interview. The more you prepare the lesser stressed you would be
  • Play a game: Am I serious? Yes I am when you have prepared enough the last 20 mins maybe difficult. This is where you need your mind to get diverted and most of us have a smartphone which helps. Play something that diverts you from waiting for the interview. You may like to close your eyes if you can keep your mind calm (Which is an art that can be mastered and will help in other scenarios too). You may like to put your ear phone and listen to a song which you love.

Remember the less you stressed, nervous the better you will perform. Hope this helps you

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