Cubbon Park a nice place to do natural photography

Cubbon Park a place to do Photography – Diffused Lighting

Every photographer struggles to get the right lighting effect, a place where some candid photography can be done. For which you require a good lighting not too hard like a direct sun, not too low where you compromise on the quality of the photograph.  Ideally to get the right and nice picture it is advised to have a diffused lighting usually there after sun rise or before sunset. But, the time duration is low and getting the right photo the right pose natural location… Becomes difficult.

To do away with it a place full of sense trees with diffused and indirect lighting is critical. Well like the title of my post suggest Cubbon park could be used as a location for such photography specially for the low budget photography. A place in the centre of the city, easily approachable, no entry cost, no photography associated cost, nice lighting effect even in the day time what else can a photographer ask?

Cubbon Park a nice place to do natural photography

Photography done under diffused lighting creates soft photographs and gives a soft look to the overall image. Even the person getting photographed expressions specially keeping the eyes opened is difficult and most of the times does not generate the right expressions. Unless you are wearing dark goggles and even the skin does not create a soft look.

Diffused Lighting

Diffused lighting is a non directional light (Like a torch), where the intensity of light is even all across the place. For example, a cloudy day, a room well lit, a place full of trees with no direct lighting coming in provides a diffused light effect. For those who have been clicking for fun this type of lighting is fantastic for portrait photography which could be used even when taking a photo through your smart phone, as it creates little or no shadow on a person’s face. This is quite flattering to most people and specially when you are taking one of a female. For the same reason, diffused light is also useful in macro or close-up photography. The evenness of light allows you to capture detail in your subject that might otherwise be lost to overblown highlights or deep shadows if taken in direct sunlight. There are some instances where we avoid taking pictures under the diffused conditions as this kind of lighting can be detrimental to a picture. On the other side photo of landscape are preferred when there are different level of lighting or it may give a plain and dull effect.

So go ahead and visit the park and take the advantage of the natural as well as diffused lighting at the Cubbon Park in Bangalore….

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