Coaching Training

Coaching, training the art of duplication

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This is for managers who really wish to succeed in life and grow exponentially. Not for those who feel insure, fear that the growth of their team is a potential threat. To have a strong team, become successful and achieve your goals you need to know the golden rule of duplication. Which is:

  • Duplicate yourself make as many team member as good as yourself.

Coaching Training

Its like each and every team member become as good as you are (Mind you each and every team member not some). Once you achieve the same all your targets, goals would be met, giving you time to think, find ways to improve your performance.  Well that is the power of duplicating yourself within your team. While said easily there are lot effort to be put to make it happen.

(One rule to remember – Functional training can be done best by the boss himself)

Some of the ways of training are:

  • Class room Training

  • Role Plays

  • Demonstration and Observation

  • Be the Coach

  • Leading

Class room training:

This type of training should be used to make the team learn the products, processes and those activities that can be learned in a room.

Role Plays

A very critical part of the training carried out in the office and part of the class room training. This is done by creating real life complex situation and asking two team member to play the roles. One could be the customer (script given by the trainer) and the other the company person trying to sell the product. While all others should be asked to make notes and suggest what better could have been done. This would ensure that the team learn faster

Demonstration and Observation:

Another important way to do an on the job training is demonstrating. Take you team in the market and first demonstrate on how calls are made. Then observe the team member by asking him to do the same. While observing don’t interrupt the team member even if he is making a mistake. So that you can identify all points of improvement and share to the team member for development.

Be the Coach:

Work along with your team as a coach. A coach is the one wakes up the team early, make them work in difficult conditions, takes difficult decisions which are good for the team but maybe not for an individual, prioritises the team over the individual.


Very important if the team is in pressure and if you see that the team is losing faith. That’s when you need to demonstrate your leadership skills and lead the team face the problem and try to work around for a solution. Its not about winning but about leading the team during that situation. This will bring a lot of confidence in the team.

The best team in life However good have always been led by the best coach, team who have failed in life have turned around they were coached by the right coach.

So Coach, Coach and Coach


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