Always shoot in Raw

Always take pictures in Raw

Hi friends a tip to all those who have a DSLR

Always shoot in Raw…

Today I was chatting with a person on photography and what should they do in a specific situation. The topic turned to an important setting called the temperature. While an important setting but a difficult one to get hold off. So it reminded me to write a tip on why should you shoot all picture in Raw. Just to give you a brief our eyes are intelligent and in different condition of lighting are able to differentiate the white colour. While you may feel the difference clearly in the picture below this really helps when you do people photography.

Always shoot in Raw

On the other hand the camera is not able to do that even when you put the camera on auto white mode. So the best is to use a feature which helps you correct the picture post taking the photo. The RAW format helps you not only in getting a full size picture but also gives you an opportunity to correct the temperature setting later using the camera software or photoshop. So my suggestion is not to save your camera memory size but to shoot less photo but in RAW only.

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