Arm Pose

How to look slimmer – Poses are essential to giving a good photo

Hi friends this is a tip for girls who wish to look slim when being photographed. After so many year of research one part which is true is that if you wish to look Slim like a model you need to be under weight. Which is neither healthy for you or your body, but that does not stop us from posing properly in front of a camera to get that beautiful look.

Arm Pose

Watch this picture very carefully and you would see the difference of the arm itself makes so much difference. Matter of chance these pictures were taken at the same time and you can feel the difference. Never pose with your arm facing the camera directly. Strike a pose of your arm and keep it away from your body and maybe hands on your waist. This would help you look at least a few kg less in weight in the photo.

So friends, girls and ladies never pose with your arm pointing the camera. You will not only look a few kg plus but at the same time arms hanging gives a dull effect as if without life and energy.

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