Arm Pose

How to look slimmer – Poses are essential to giving a good photo

Hi friends this is a tip for girls who wish to look slim when being photographed. After so many year of research one part which is true is that if you wish to look Slim like a model you need to be under weight. Which is neither healthy for you or your body, but that does not stop us from posing properly in front of a camera to get that beautiful look. read more

Always shoot in Raw

Always take pictures in Raw

Hi friends a tip to all those who have a DSLR

Always shoot in Raw…

Today I was chatting with a person on photography and what should they do in a specific situation. The topic turned to an important setting called the temperature. While an important setting but a difficult one to get hold off. So it reminded me to write a tip on why should you shoot all picture in Raw. Just to give you a brief our eyes are intelligent and in different condition of lighting are able to differentiate the white colour. While you may feel the difference clearly in the picture below this really helps when you do people photography. read more

rule of third in photography

Always take a larger photo that you can crop

With the advent of simple software this technique is very useful and helps you take the best of the photo. So read more

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