Turmeric or Haldi in Hindi – The Magical Powder – Why it should be part of your diet

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This yellow powder has always been part of our diet since ages and we have been having it daily in our diet. Even our elders grandmothers specially have been telling us the advantages and benefits one of the common one is when we catch cold. We the smarter and educated generation who believe only in the real medicine have never taken it seriously. read more

2 Minute Simple Chocolate Cake using Microwave

Nutella cake

1 pinch baking soda
2 table spoon nutella chocolate spread
4 table spoon refined wheat flour (Maida)
1 tea spoon melted butter
2 table spoon milk read more

Recipe of paneer bhurji (scrambled cottage cheese)



Paneer 250gm

Onion 2big finely chopped

Ginger 1tsp paste

Garlic 1tsp paste

Tomato 2 large finely chopped read more

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