How to Avoid Double Chin

Double Chin – Posing Tip

Double Chin oh my God!!!

Do you dread being photographed, or scared that your photo will have a double Chin. Need not worry there is a solution apart from losing weight…

In my past post I did mention that practising posing may help you get the best photograph and so called pre wedding candid photo. Well here is my first tip is how to face the camera and in case your camera man is a novice how do you get him to take the right picture.

How to Avoid Double Chin

Have a close look at the above pictures while not my best ones :-) but clearly helps to understand on how should you pose to ensure that you get a clean chin. There are two three important steps to avoid a double chin.

  • One stretch your neck out a bit like an ostrich¬†which will ensure an even better photo than the blue one.
  • Second always have your camera man to take your photo from a slightly higher level than your face
  • Third touch your tongue to your palate which also helps

If you focus on the above three points you will be able to do away with the double chin and have that perfect jaw line. Hope the above helps you in getting good pictures in future. Good photo do not depend only on looks but also on how you pose in front of a camera. With practice the above will come naturally and your pictures more beautiful which will also increase your confidence levels…


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