how to look younger in photos

How to look young in a portrait photograph

Wow did you know you can look younger in a photo!!!

Hi friends yesterday I shared a tip on how to avoid double chin in photography. Now a new tip to look younger in a photograph. But, the bad news first for those who love to put Kajal on their eyes. Just to share putting Kajal on your eyes may add 5 Р10 years more to your age. So, if you wish to look younger avoid putting kajal on your eyes and  similarly watch for the lighting in and around your face. If the light falls on your head there is a fair chance of you looking older than your age. Also, believe me your eyes are more beautiful naturally than by putting Kajal on it.

how to look younger in photos

See the pics very clearly you can see both the tips implemented in the first photo. The first one you will have to read the earlier article on how to avoid double chin. The second is all about lighting and evenness around the eyes.


The first picture shows no dark circle around the eyes and the second photo has dark circles around the eyes. Now imagine that I had put on Kajal around my eyes what would have happened. I would have looked even older than what I look.

So girls and ladies be very careful of the two points I have shared. Look prettier and younger…

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