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Speed Breaker

How Speed breakers are killing the city of Bangalore

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We have been fighting on reducing trees and the deteriorating weather. But what about thousands of speed breaker that are responsible for increase in fuel consumption, pollution generation in Bangalore and wastage of revenue to the person, city, state and country. On a rough calculation the city loses due to speed breakers: read more


Today’s Recipe – Kapsalon



Quantity Units
Potato Fries 250


Chicken(Or any other meat)

500 Gms.
Lettuce 1



1 Medium size
Onion 1

Medium size


1 Medium Size

Olives & Jalapenos

As Per Requirement

Grated Cheese

As Per



  • Cut the chicken into small bits and slices.
  • Fry them till they are brown in color.
  • In a Baking vessel arrange the fries to spread over the area.
  • Spread the fried chicken over the fries.
  • Cover them with the grated cheese.
  • Put the vessel in the oven as long as it takes for the cheese to melt.
  • Cut All the vegetables in small peaces for the salad.
  • Mix in the desired sauces with the vegetables(Like mayonnaise, mustard, Barbeque etc.).
  • Spread the salad over the dish and serve.
  • read more

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