Here is candid pisture capturing each and every activity of Goa

A candid picture depicting holidaying in Goa

Hi Friends,

When we speak of Goa what comes in mind?

  • Fun
  • Drinks, drinks and drinks
  • Sun tanning for foreigners
  • The beaches
  • Friends going together
  • Selfies
  • Appreciating the beauty

Well here is a candid where I was able to get it all. Hope you like it!!! read more

Black and white picture

Black and white photography
A Child connecting her parents

A child connecting her parents – The picture says it all

A Child connecting her parents

Hi Friends

Watch the picture carefully give it a thought – What does it convey?

The beauty of this picture is that it says it all. You don’t really need the photographer or the artist to say anything. This is the power of pictures well composed. read more