position of eyes

Ever wonder why some angled picture don’t look as apealing despite the fact the photograph is preferred when the face is not facing the camera directly. As a photo at an angle removes the flattening effect of the photograph read more


Practice photography without flash

Hi friends

This is one I would like you all to try

Do photography without flash

This may be difficult for those who take pictures with their mobile but really a useful tip for people really interested in learning about lighting in photography. There is no doubt that flash helps you in getting photos in low light conditions. But taking a picture in a low light conditions throws challenges at you and forces you to read lighting conditions even better. read more


Equidistant from the camera – Important for family picsPlease

Equidistant a critical aspect in photography

While we see many pictures in the candid category and wedding photography focussed on an individual bride or groom. To create focus or bring out the individual in the group. Give more importance to the Individual. read more

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