Weight Management

How to keep your waistline in check

Hi friends,

If you wish to keep your waistline in check well here are three simple ways to achieve it:

  • Exercise

  • Relish Food – Eat Slowly

  • Eat dinner on time and keep it light

Weight Management

Did I say anything new? Well if you have listened to your parents or grand parents none it is new. Well exactly actually there is nothing new in it. For many years I have been able to maintain my weight to quite an extent while I may not be slim as a model (LOL) but I have been able maintain my weight as prescribed for so many years. I have two kids one would be going to college and the other in class 10th. I do get comments from many of my friends on maintaining myself. It goes to the extent of finding if I am on a special diet or I have any secret. Yes I do have one which is do what experience ha taught over generation and generation.


“I don’t have time is what I hear regularly” true time is meager and that too with the hectic life we live. The answer is simple keep your house clean yourself. Even if you do keep your house clean and personally do it it may somewhat be sufficient. Walk to the nearby grocery store to pick regular items don’t order from home. Simple yes, breaking the habit difficult.

Relish food – Eat Slowly

Another powerful technique to reduce weight and simply. Common you cooked the food or wife cooked it so spend time relishing your food. The more the food particle will break into pieces the easier the digestion will be. Stop that TV or avoid reading that book this will distract your mind and will result in over indulgence. The brain takes time to understand that your stomach is full so do it right the first time. Chew at least 32 times every bite, switch off the TV, close your handset, don’t read the book. You may actually see your waistline reducing surely over a period of time. Even if you are not exercising as it will help reduce your food intake.

Eat dinner on time and keep it light

This is what Jainis do eat before sunset,  may not be practical as we usually work late. So start having a light dinner (Don’t stop having dinner) but do not starve yourself that is not the right way. After having a light dinner wait for 30 minutes if you still feel hungry then simply have a glass of milk. Not only it is healthy but also gives a feeling of a full stomach.

These are my three simple techniques hope it helps you too.

The side benefits are keeping chronic diseases at bay like heart diseases, diabetes,etc.

Live a healthy life cheers!!!