The Indian Culture

The dying humanity in Indian Culture both at home and in corporate world

I very proud of being an Indian not because its my country, not because it is growing, I don’t have a complex that its a poor country, that many are below poverty line.

I love my country because of its culture!!!

But I do get worried that that culture is being destroyed systematically by most of us copying the western culture (or so called culture). By the way money is not culture – Humanity is…

Our culture is getting impacted by greed of power, money and losing our culture of being nice, humble, caring, giving, the importance of others over us. There is a shift happening towards selfishness which worries me.

I feel the education system of our Indian society is getting impacted by the so called western education whose base has been on greed and selfishness. From the Britishers invading India, to European invasion in Africa, America, across the world. There are many articles coming to light which says that our culture was impacted by the Britishers systematically destroying the Indian culture (The famous – Divide and Rule) .

So I am not surprised to see the Indian Corporate culture also getting impacted badly in our endeavour to copy the western culture. Since the last eight years we have seen people losing jobs, having zero sense of security, even you see that long term vision of organization are no more than a year.

On the other side we have the Japanese culture of the highest level of fighting spirit and family culture. Which also reflects in their corporate culture of a family who takes care of their people. What would the outcome is naturally a better organization and a healthier one.

Which leads to a simple thought process culture and organization who take care of people will have a stronger emotional quotient and organization that are cut throat would have higher intelligent quotient. So when the tides get negative an organization of higher emotional quotient will sustain longer and has chances of higher survival than organization with higher intelligent quotient. Where you would see an immediate exodus of people once the ship starts sinking.

The Indian Culture

Great success has been led by emotions and examples are Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein who drove their emotions to drive their intelligence.

Friends I request to think and see why are we copying a new culture with low social system and not continue with the Indian Culture which is one of the oldest and best across the world.

Let us be Indian and retain the Indian Culture We women can create a difference

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