Another case of poor strategy by an organization – IIM-A asks Flipkart to guarantee jobs of recruits, says Rs 1.5 lakh compensation for late joining unaccepatable

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A few days back I had put a post on restructuring. Well this is a classic case of poor strategy at the highest level leading to: read more

Organization structure

Hi I don’t agree that a lean organization leads to a better customer experience!!!

Hi Friends another topic for debate.

I don’t agree that lean is equivalent to better customer experience.

The reason for my saying this is that removing a layer may not necessarily translate into faster flow of information. What I mean to say that by reducing a layer from an organization may not result in customer pain flowing in faster. read more

Restructure Organization

Restructure your organization like a mother not a father!!!

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Does this shake you up, are you afraid, are you willing to be part of restructuring, are you scared that your job will be lost? read more