Self awareness and self reflection key to success

Self awareness and self reflection key to success

Hi Friends

Yesterday I spoke of self learning and how you yourself are the best teacher in life. mastery of the same can lead you to success big time with examples of Einstein, Thomas and many others. Now the question arises what do I need to do or what are the simple steps that I can follow to make it happen.

The first and foremost part in it is knowing about yourself, which can be done by becoming aware about yourself through self reflection.

Self awareness and self reflection key to success

What are the steps you think would help you understand yourself better.

  • Sit alone by yourself regularly  for 5-10 minutes in a room daily

  • Then think about yourself where are you headed both at home and at the office

  • What vibes are you getting are they positive, neutral or negative

  • Now that you have identified them the next and very important step is what should you do about it

Recently I met a person who shared that he is worried about his career. Not that he has challenges presently but does not see any future in the current organization. So I asked him what did you do about it. He shared that he spoken to few people, a few references and have appeared for an interview.

I was worried I asked him a different question what will he do if it was a life and death situation? The answer changed to desperation:

  • I will speak to all possible people I know
  • I will register myself on job sites
  • I will try to get as many consultants as possible
  • Call my ex bosses etc…

You have a crisis at home and you keep on avoiding. Think what all will happen?

Chaos, but if you reflect and work on what can be done. You will be having a wonderful life at home…

Such is the power of self awareness and reflection!!!

Remember mind is the most powerful tool and the day you control it.

That day you can conquer your most of challenges and difficulties. By dedicating your mind to self reflect with a condition to find what is the solution of the problem. You would be surpassing all challenges comfortably and enjoy your life the fullest!!!


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