Influence the new word for leadership practiced since ages

Influence is the new buzz word around leadership but is it really new. It set me thinking the first name that came in mind was Mahtama Gandhi – A person without a control over people influences a whole country to follow him to freedom. The construct illiterate, orthodox, segmented thoughts and the list goes on… read more


Digital marketing – Is all about mindset and change

Hi Friends,

While we have been reading about digital marketing. The hows and whys of digital marketing. There are bigger challenges to that which are: read more

Self awareness and self reflection key to success

Self awareness and self reflection key to success

Hi Friends

Yesterday I spoke of self learning and how you yourself are the best teacher in life. mastery of the same can lead you to success big time with examples of Einstein, Thomas and many others. Now the question arises what do I need to do or what are the simple steps that I can follow to make it happen. read more

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