The investment Strategy for students out of college

Hi Friends

This is for students who just graduated or post graduated from college and landed themselves in a job. I will start with what Chanakya said:

भविष्य में आने वाली मुसीबतो के लिए धन एकत्रित करें। ऐसा ना सोचें की धनवान व्यक्ति को मुसीबत कैसी? जब धन साथ छोड़ता है तो संगठित धन भी तेजी से घटने लगता है।  

Please save money for difficult situation that may arise in future. Don’t assume that a rich person cannot land in trouble. When money starts flowing out the capital also dwindles very fast.


You may be surprised at why did I share a line of Chanakya. How does this fit in for me as a student out of college and taking up a job?

Well this is actually critical for those looking at making a good career. You need to have a parallel source of income flowing in so that your dependency on the job while being there, does not land you in trouble in later years. With each year passing and level changing the pyramid becomes narrower, growing becomes a challenge, competition becomes tougher and chances are you might land into trouble.

So plan today, invest today get into investment that can generate a secondary source of income. Some of are having a rental property, mutual funds but don’t totally depend on them (Usually when the market is low the jobs are difficult), invest in business that generate a monthly revenue for you, above all invest in yourself, keep yourself abreast with the latest technology so you retain the edge in your job.

Well I do agree you have got yourself in a job, with money flowing in you need to spend on yourself and enjoy too. So make a kitty or plan a percentage parked for investment, fun etc. Don’t starve yourself of fun or you will realize that you have lost a lot when you age.

Invest Money

Important rules for making a better and stressed free life.

Plan in a way that

  • Earning from investment > Your monthly expenses

  • Monthly income like rentals or any steady source of revenue is the best

Keep the following in your mind

  • Money is not the only thing but important that you value it

  • Have fun whenever possible as time is not coming back

  • Family comes first then your job – They are the one who are going to be there in difficult times

  • Value your parents your elders – Experience has its own value even coming from elders who are not as educated as you

Finally plan for failures so that you can sail through. Life is full of up and downs be ready to face any challenge.

Wish you all that you never face difficulties. God bless!!!


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