Organization structure

Hi I don’t agree that a lean organization leads to a better customer experience!!!

Hi Friends another topic for debate.

I don’t agree that lean is equivalent to better customer experience.

The reason for my saying this is that removing a layer may not necessarily translate into faster flow of information. What I mean to say that by reducing a layer from an organization may not result in customer pain flowing in faster. read more

The Customer Experience Circle

Who matters most your employee or the customer in an customer experience oriented company

The Customer Experience Circle

Hi Friends,

I think this in one of the most important circle any organization needs to be aware of.

The customer experience circle:

If you don’t understand this circle then you would never be able to provide that level of customer experience which the customer is looking for. If you observe closely you may appreciate that the customer experience is at the hand of the touch points. Which are largely outsourced which I shared in one of my earlier post (The rise and fall of Roman empire due to outsourcing their most critical activity). read more

Restructure Organization

Restructure your organization like a mother not a father!!!

Hi friends

Does this shake you up, are you afraid, are you willing to be part of restructuring, are you scared that your job will be lost? read more

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