Bihar Election Result – A boon or …

While I am not a great fan of #politics, but the result today is not a great omen for what is going to happen to #Bihar as a state and for the people of that state.

My first visit to the state was a year and a half back, while mentally I was ready for what was expected. But landing into #Patna was a shock, it was I was moving into any Indian cities 20 years back. That’s actually when I realized how backward the state is. Basic infrastructure was in shambles to the extent that visiting a doctor required 3 days prior appointment.

The state that boasts of having the most intelligent people and being known for the same since centuries (#Nalanda the oldest university in India) back is losing them to other cities in India and abroad. The reason – the political scenario has led to a brain drain from the state to the other cities across India.

Now the question is will #Bihar really be able to come out as a winner or do we see it deteriorating further? Will the new government work towards its success or is interested in retaining power only?

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