Candid Photography

Pre Wedding Candid Photography

Why do couples getting married go for pre wedding candid photography?

While strolling through the Cubbon park in Bangalore, I saw a photographer getting some candid couple shoot in the park and could not resist capturing them in my camera. While I paused to enjoy the shoot from a bit far so that I don’t intrude on the shot and make them feel awkward. It was quite interesting and nice to see. read more


Malshej ghat – A place to be during monsoon

Malshej ghat, with average height of 700 mts is situated in Pune district near the borders of Thane and Ahmednagar districts. It is literally equidistant from both Pune and Mumbai . The monsoon months of August and September are a good time to visit Malshej Ghat, with green hills and exotic flamingos visit this area during monsoon months. read more

Junonia lemonias - Butterfly

Lemon Pansy Butterfly with eyes on wings – Junonia lemonias

Junonia lemonias, the lemon pansy, is a common nymphalid butterfly found in South Asia. It is found in gardens, fallow land, and open wooded areas. This is another add on to the Cubbon Park apart the foliage. read more