Greek God of Seas

images                                                                                                                     This article is about one of the Greek gods. I find the Greek mythology very fascinating. The Greek god I am here to talk about is Poseidon, the god of sea. Who after defeating his father, Kronos A titan, won the seas among his brothers (Zeus who got the control of Sky and Hades who got the control of Underworld) .He was also the god of earthquakes storms and horses. The stories of this god are really is interesting to me compared to the other Greek gods. He did have a bad side, he was short tempered and greedy. In some of the stories it is said that he was not swallowed by Kronos but was hidden in the island called Crete with his brother Zeus.

In one of the stories Poseidon with some of the other gods had tried to dethrone Zeus due to which he and Apollo were sent to Troy to the king Laomedon who made the gods build a wall to protect the city. In another story he was outwitted by the goddess Athena when he had a match with her for becoming the patron of the city. To win the city made he made a spring of water, called Erekhtheis, the people went closer to taste the water but repulsed as the water was salty. On the other hand Athena made an olive tree. The people of that city were made the judge of the gifts both Poseidon and Athena created. When the people of the city preferred the gift Athena created Poseidon in a wild fury flooded the Thriasian plain and drowning Attika under his salty sea. (The city was later named after the goddess Athena, Athens.)

Poseidon was married to the daughter of Nereus and Doris Amphitrite who was a sea goddess. They had  three kids Triton, Rhodes and Benthesicymen. He also had many other kids with different goddesses, nymphs, giants, humans, etc.  

He is known by symbols that are the trident, dolphin and a horse. He is usually depicted as an old man. But he was one of the most important gods and is one of the twelve Olympians, and no one really dared to stand against him. People worshipped him for safe travel in the oceans and seas. If someone did ignore him he would cause chaos and earthquakes. Even Zeus needed his help in some of the myths.