Why Digital Marketing is not your cup of tea

Why Digital Marketing is not your cup of tea?

Hi friends

Surprised at the statement while you would have seen many people recommending digital marketing as a step to success or why you should be part of the digital marketing.

Why Digital Marketing is not your cup of tea

What makes me say so?

Well the answer lies in simplicity:

  • Digital Marketing comes literally free

  • So has unlimited competition

  • No one one knows Googles algorithm

  • We see many sharing their success stories on the net but few succeed

So am I suggesting to quit, not try to part of it?

No not all you all need to be part of this revolution, you have to have a presence now or it would be too late tomorrow. So in simple words what is digital marketing?

It can be simply classified as:

  • Search on the internet (Like google search)

  • Social marketing (Being part of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest etc)

  • Youtube or any video channels

  • Email marketing – Creating a base of email customers

  • Display advertisement like Adwords of Google

While simply put each and every point mentioned itself is vast and volumes can be written on them and the same can be found on the internet.

Search Engines:

These are the one decide your destiny in digital marketing. How does your site rank on google, yahoo, bing etc. To really work around and get ranked on the internet requires first is the discipline of keeping your website fresh and with the latest information. The most challenging is to have the right content and having as many visitors to your site.

Social Media:

Well this is the easy one as many would say, well not exactly as social media may not exactly help you in growing business easily. Those who follow you here are for fun and not for business. Still the art is to get to the right audience for the product. You may have to create a page like in facebook to promote your business. Here too you have to work like search engines. While this can also help in getting more visitors to your website.

Youtube or any other tube:

Not an easy tool for those who have never ventured in capturing video and do not have the right equipment. This too is a powerful tool for those who can create the right content and have many hits. Slow but effective it stays on the net and a free tool too.

Email Marketing:

A highly exploited tool in the market and leading to Spam like we faced early in the decade for SMS. This tools has actually become difficult to use. But very effective if you can get visitors to subscribe for your articles and get them to visit on a regular basis.

Display advertisement:

Not a free tool but again very effective to advertise in regions or cities of operations. This can help you advertise for specific keywords leading to your website and selling the product you wish to sell. While here the art is to keep the customer engaged on the website

While the above is a brief of what digital marketing is all about. Hope you liked the post, do like and comment.


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