Today’s Recipe – Melting Moments


Ingredients :-                 Quantity :-
Maida                                140 gms.
Powdered sugar              85 gms.
Margarine or butter       115 gms.
Egg                                   1 no.
Lemon Juice                   few drops
Corn flakes                      55 gms. read more

The power of Habit written by Charles Duhigg

The power of Habit written by Charles Duhigg – A small note

The book starts with a few scientists interviewing one of their most promising participants, Lisa Allen, of their experiment regarding habits. Lisa had transformed herself in a very short period from being an obese, excessive smoker and alcohol consumer to a very fit person void of all smoking and drinking. The scientist enquires about how she was able to transform herself so vastly. She tells them that she took an initiative to change herself on a vacation trip to Cairo, Egypt. A few months before the vacation her husband returned from work one day and told her that he was leaving her as he fell in love with some other woman. After she processed the fact she was getting divorced she started to mourn about her husband leaving her, later she started spying on her husband as he spent time with his new companion, then she started prank calling the woman, with whom Lisa’s husband now lived, at late night and after a while directly confronting the woman. She abused the woman when she was totally drunk. After that she planned for the vacation even though she was already having a huge amount of debt accumulated. When she was in her room in Cairo she again broke down and formed a goal that after a year she will once again return to Cairo and trek a desert. read more


Law of Demand

A. Law of Demand

Law of Demand states that there is an inverse relation between the price of the commodity and its quantity demanded assuming all other Determinants of demand stay constant. It means that when the price of the commodity decreases demand increases and when the price of the commodity rises the demand falls. read more

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