Speed Breaker

How Speed breakers are killing the city of Bangalore

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We have been fighting on reducing trees and the deteriorating weather. But what about thousands of speed breaker that are responsible for increase in fuel consumption, pollution generation in Bangalore and wastage of revenue to the person, city, state and country. On a rough calculation the city loses due to speed breakers:

Assumption that every kilometer there are only 2 speed breakers – While we all know the count is much higher. Calculation taken only for cars if we include other modes it would be much higher. Also all have been assumed as petrol vehicles with average consumption of 13 Km per liter in city

Speed Breaker

  • 43360200 Litres of fuel every day
  • 2601612000 Rupees calculated @ 60/- per liter
  • Kg of CO2 generated per litre of petrol (Diesel is 10% + on petrol) is 2.31 per Kg
  •  Additional pollution generated due to speed breaker in a day 100162062 Kg

The rough working is shared below would request your views if any.

Average distance travelled by a car per day 30 Km
Speed breaker per Km 2 Numbers
Total Speed breaker per day 60 Numbers
Bengaluru had 55.59 lakh vehicles as on March 31 5559000 Numbers
Total Breaking to Acceleration for all vehicle in Bangalore 333540000 Numbers
Average distance travelled by a car to touch 30 Km/hr 20 Meters
Fuel required for acceleration is 50% more than a steady speed
Assuming 13 Km per litre efficiency
Fuel consumed per meter 0.013 litres
Fuel Consumed per 20 Meter While cruising 0.26 litres
Extra Fuel consumed at 50% extra due acceleration from 0 – 30 0.13 litres
Fuel consumed per day due to speed breaker for all vehicles in Bangalore 43360200 litres
So speed breaker consume 43360200 litres
Revenue loss due to speed breaker per day in Bangalore 2601612000 Rupees
Kg of CO2 generated per litre of petrol (Diesel is 10% + on petrol) 2.31 Kg
Total polution generated due to speed breaker in a day 100162062 Kg


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