Loyalty Betrayal

Why employee loyalty is critical to success?

Loyalty a word which is losing its shine or value in the current corporate world. The first question to ask is whether do we really understand its importance. While most of the top managers may avoid the question. The reason simple in today’s scenario where delivery is expected in a year or two how do you really look at long-term strategy. Any strategy longer than three years is possibly not part of many organization.

Loyalty Betrayal

But, why is loyalty important and what does it really mean?

The literal meaning is:

  1. Faithful to one’s sovereign, government, or state.
  2. Faithful to one’s oath, commitments, or obligations.
  3. Faithful to any leader, party, or cause, or to any person .
  4. Characterized by or showing faithfulness to commitments, vows,allegiance, obligations, etc.

Interesting faithful is not a word that will be built in a year or two years. It takes years to build up and become part of an organization. With many organization on a restructuring spree and with many of the long-tenured people being to asked to go. Loyalty is taking a dip!!!


Being faithful can only happen if people see tenure, development and growth in an organization. Another set of difficult questions for managers:

  • Why do people become obsolete?
  • How many hours have been spent on the development and training of their own manpower?
  • Why is restructuring required if you have been strategizing?
  • Why strategies on people are not part of their plan shared to their own people?
  • Why not make people aware that the role will become obsolete?

Why is loyalty important?

  • The organization will not face betrayals
  • Easier to impose rules and regulations
  • Leader can trust his subordinates and achieve his goals
  • Loyalty breeds loyalty – Easier recruitment and customer loyalty
  • You can count upon people – They will be there when there are problems, struggles in an organization
  • Honesty and integrity

The last but not the least people will be loyal to you only if you are good to them. Otherwise people will talk of loyalty but never mean it!!!

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