Simplicity versus complexity

Simplicity versus complexity (Micro Segmentation)- Finally I as a customer lose

Hi friends I keep on hearing about segmentation, micro segmentation and micro management. Is it really a path to success or are we complicating our lives, confusing ourselves or creating ourselves a job by confusing others (Which is fine if it helps you saving you job – LOL).

Personally, I find simplicity is the key to success. If a customer is unhappy you have lost your business. So if basics are not in place how will the above help you. Actually all marketing strategies today are being made sitting in the plush offices and you may rarely see a marketing or a product head meeting the customers. They may not even sample 100 customers personally for whom they are launching a product. So success is based on conversions and cost benefit analysis to the organization. Which never measures the irritants created to customers and the movement of the company to other companies.

Simplicity versus complexity

What do I look as a customer ?

  • My services deliver what they promised – At least the bare minimum expectancy for a customer.
  • I can trust on the services
  • In case of failure the same gets rectified on time.

 What do I get in return?

  • You want to get your car serviced please wait for 2-3 days (Finally I get the basic service outside). Loss to the company in terms of consumables and if anything goes wrong you blame the manufacturer
  • Your washing machine goes down – Multiple follow ups are done with the call center then you need to connect with a higher up to get a person visiting you. Finally, it boils to getting a non authorized person to visit and correct.
  • Many friends share the same experience and the discussion ends at that they are all the same.

So the question I would like to leave today with.

What stops at working on a simple solution when that itself can bring up revenues? Why there is a need of segmentation, micro segmentation and micro management when pure basics are not there? Why are companies are not calculating opportunity lost?

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