Kheerkadam for my Son

ingredients for kheerkadam :

Mawa – 1 cup (250 grams)
Sugar – 3/4 cup (150 grams)
Lemon – 1 (juice)
Saffron – 10 to 12 threads
Full cream milk – 500 gram


Recipe :-

First, prepare chena for making Kheerkadam. Place milk over flame for heating. When milk starts simmering, turn off the flame and allow it to cool. Make sure that milk is 80 percent hot. Add little water in lemon juice and now add this mixture in milk, little by little.When milk coagulates completely, then water and chena separates in milk. Now stop adding lemon juice into it. Pour the chena over a clean muslin cloth and strain it. Press gently with hands and squeeze out the excess water. Now pour some cold water over the chena. Lift the cloth from all sides, press and squeeze out the water. Chena for making rasgullas is ready. Take chena in a separate plate and mash until smooth. Add corn flour and yellow food color and keep kneading the chena until smooth. Chena for making rasgullas is ready. Make small dough balls from the chena and place them over a plate. Likewise prepare all balls. Prepare sugar syrup to make cook rasgullas. Take sugar and 2 cup water in a pressure cooker and place it over flame for cooking. Cook until sugar dissolves completely. Add saffron threads in the water and cook until it simmers. Place chena balls in the simmering sugar syrup. Close the pressure cooker with lid and cook until it simmers once. After one simmer, reduce the flame and cook on low flame for 8 to 10 minutes. After this, turn off the flame and take out the rasgullas once all steam escapes. Let the rasgullas drench in sugar syrup for 2 to 3 hours and after this strain with help of a sieve so that excess sugar syrup drains completely. Add powdered sugar in grated mawa and mix really well. Now make  small balls from mawa Take one mawa ball and flatten it very gently. Now place one rasgullas in it and lift the mawa from all sides and roll back giving it a round shape, now Kheerkadam is ready….Place them in refrigerator for 1 hour prior serving.

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