rule of third in photography

Always take a larger photo that you can crop

With the advent of simple software this technique is very useful and helps you take the best of the photo. So

Take a picture larger than the area that you wish to capture

Its an important tip specially when I see a perfect photo taken but some part of the head or body gets cut. Unless you are deliberately taking a photo like that (Which usually is understood). Yes it is very important and imperative that you always take a picture that can be cropped later to your liking. Its very simple you can remove the unwanted part from a picture but cannot create what was left while taking the photo.

Full Image

and the cropped one

Cropped Image

See the flexibility that you get if you capture a large enough photo that can be cropped later…

rule of third in photography

Or even use the rule of third to crop the picture. The choice is yours to use the tip and have some flexibility or see all possibilities and take the picture accordingly. With practice you will be able to take the right size while taking the photo, but like I said still take a larger photo than required.

So use this tip effectively and regularly it will help you get the best out of your photography!!!


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