Aamir Khan intolerant india – Emotional Terrorism is it a new conspiracy to destabilize the country

Hi friends I tried to get out of the emotional part of the comment made by Aamir Khan and his family and look at from an intellectual perspective

While I have been reading lot of sentimental reviews , post and passion about the comment made by Amir Khan and many others on Intolerant India but do we actually see a bigger conspiracy behind the activity with an intent to destabilize the country by creating communal tensions around the country. As all these years the country has been growing and becoming economically stronger across the world. There are many success stories in India with may be the best growth in developing countries which has started increasing the fear among other countries.

Is emotional terrorism finding a new way to destabilize the country? Is it an emergence of a new way of terrorism of destroying a country by creating communal tensions in an around the country? In past few years we have see that physical terrorism has not led to any gain for the terrorist activity. Now that the forces have been unsuccessful are we seeing new ways to destabilize the country. I think some where or the other we should be cautious by these so called self created righteous people of India. They have no patriotism for their country all that matters is power through money or popularity. They don’t even are worried about the common men in the country and how their miser sentences could put in danger the common men. Lets say if something was to happen or some thing flares up in a sensitive area will these righteous people get affected or would a common man lose his life.

Over the last decade we have seen the country has been getting out of the communal gaps and people of the country have started becoming more intelligent with an understanding that communal-ism is the goal of few select politicians who cannot perform in life without using the famous British rule of “Divide and rule”. All the gaps were reducing despite the fact that while terror struck, everyone came to know that terror has no sympathy for any community as any bomb, bullet cannot differentiate between a community and the Indian citizens had started understanding the difference between a community and the dirty stuff led by a handful men across the globe.

While these are all temporary effects and the citizens of this country would understand the same over a period of time. I think this is a time we should as citizens spread as much education across the country to fizzle out this stupidity as fast as possible before it becomes unnecessarily ugly.

I request each and everyone to educate as many friends and ignore these comments and move ahead towards growth, prosperity and well being of India.

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