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Movement of warm to cold culture in many organizations

Hi friends I am not aware of if any of you are seeing a movement today. Many organizations are moving from a warm culture to a cold one. Where in people are being treated as objects rather than human beings. To top it with the economies across the world in a mess everyone is looking to run business with the leanest people structure. I hear many managers talking that we are taking a hard call and asking people to leave. read more


What is success


What is success?

Success for me till a few years back all about others thought about it. Then one day I started asking people to share their success stories and my whole definition of success changed. Here was a person standing in front of me sharing his succes story which I might have dismissed as ordinary. But the passion and energy with which he was sharing the story opened my eyes. Its not about what someone thinks about success but its how you yourself define it. Other wise we as a person would be never be successful or celebrate successes. Ask a small child what success is and he would say if I start walking thats success to me. Ask an adult the same he would say what is so great in walking its so ordinary. So as a person we need to define ourselves what success means to us and then make sure that we celebrate our successes in life. But, can you be a great Marathon runner if you cant walk or run? Which also indicates that success comes in small and continuous steps. The journey to succes is as important as the success itself. So to become successful you need to put your best every moment, everyday, week … Its a continuous process. Which leads to the other part that success is accompanied by failures. Failures will not only demotivate you but there would be many to use it to make fun of you. Criticize your failures, put blame on you and at times use you as a reason for failure. The strength lies in over coming these obstacle in lives in your stride. Not worry about what others have to say about you but in what you believe is right. The last but important is not to worry about results as they become a big detterent to your success. Efforts are what are required to succeed.¬† So to sum it up:

  • Keep child like attitude to succeed
  • Dont copy have your own success stories
  • Success is a continuous process
  • Failure is accompanied with criticism¬†
  • Efforts are more important than results
  • read more


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    The Number Game

    Hi friends let me share you a small story of a person who joined a company in Pune and was based out of Mumbai. read more

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