How to bring Social traffic to your blog or website

Digital Marketing Ideas – How to use the social media to your advantage

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This is one is very important specially for those who have small businesses and wish to exploit the social media to their advantage and bring in traffic to their own site. There are few but important techniques to get people attracted to your site.

How to bring more traffic to your site using the social media?

How to bring Social traffic to your blog or website

  • Images – Yes images are critical to get the attention and more visitors to your site. You need to make your site more attractive and each every post should be accompanied with relevant images which would help you further and keep your visitors engaged on your site. Try to put in a header on your site which should be horizontal representing you, your company, brand and should ultimately attract the visitor. 

  • Headlines – The more the headlines are catchy the more you will have compelling reasons for visitors to visit your site. Have you seen yourself going to a site basis the headlines. At the same time make sure you do have relevant information so that it does not become one time affair.

  • Content – A critical part to keeping the audience engaged and making them visit on a regular basis. Like I shared above you success lies in how good your content is, how fresh it is, and how valuable is it for the audience. You may have to work really hard on it but it actually is the reason for repeat visit and audience engagement. 

  • Finally those who are into selling products get the visitor to take a decision and act. Compelling reasons should be there to act. Never give a wrong information its about trust and reputation of you or your site or your organization. Sell honestly give the right information, its okay to lose one odd sales to build a big business tomorrow.

There are a few finer points which are also important to drive the visitors to your blog or website. You may add a profile picture of yours and share your credentials to create to give a personal touch, honesty which are quite lacking in many of the sites you see today.

Please note its a long term process don’t expect anything to happen in the short run any business needs years to establish and so will your online digital marketing take. As there are many complex activities that happen in the background like links, indexing of your site, ranking etc. No need to get into those initially have a proper model ready work on it finesses will take time and may not be needed initially.

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