Law of Demand

A. Law of Demand

Law of Demand states that there is an inverse relation between the price of the commodity and its quantity demanded assuming all other Determinants of demand stay constant. It means that when the price of the commodity decreases demand increases and when the price of the commodity rises the demand falls. read more

a portrait

Which lens to start photography with

Many people have asked me what camera should I buy or what lens would be the best lens to start photography. Here I think I was lucky that I got a good advice from a Canon Engineer. He said start photography with a 50mm F1.8 lens. read more


Greek God of Seas


                                                                                                                     This article is about one of the Greek gods. I find the Greek mythology very fascinating. The Greek god I am here to talk about is Poseidon, the god of sea. Who after defeating his father, Kronos A titan, won the seas among his brothers (Zeus who got the control of Sky and Hades who got the control of Underworld) .He was also the god of earthquakes storms and horses. The stories of this god are really is interesting to me compared to the other Greek gods. He did have a bad side, he was short tempered and greedy. In some of the stories it is said that he was not swallowed by Kronos but was hidden in the island called Crete with his brother Zeus. read more

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