Candle light dinner

The soft effect of candle light dinner – Make every day a special day

Hi we have always associated candle light dinner with having dinner with a special person or on special occasion. The pleasing soft effect of the light creates an wonderful impact. The candle light create an effect of stillness and you literally turn off the world and tune to the other person you are having dinned with. The attention you pay on the other person also is overwhelming and usually such occasions are used to propose many times. read more

cubbon park greenery

A day at Cubbon Park Bangalore

Located centrally in the Bangalore city its really a place to visit not for its historical importance but is a place where you can spend hours relaxing in the cool air and despite the outdoor temperatures. Its rare to see in India specially if you are not in the northern region of the country to have a a pleasing temperature during the day. Though Bangalore boasts of its coll and comfortable weather across the whole year with little fluctuations. This place is a wonderful place where you can really enjoy the nature and the weather. Next time when you visit Bangalore make sure you go and spend some time in the park. read more

Marine drive a place to visit at night.

Marine Drive, Mumbai at Night

While a day in Mumbai is evidently one of the most crowded place in India this is one city in India which probably does not stop or slows down at night too. The city that never sleeps is a synonym to Mumbai, go out on a Saturday evening witness the fun, the energy and the people buzzing around and coming out into the night to party. Mumbai is definitely a place to be once in a life time to see, it is today one of the most happening place in the world. read more

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