Equidistant from the camera – Important for family picsPlease

Equidistant a critical aspect in photography

While we see many pictures in the candid category and wedding photography focussed on an individual bride or groom. To create focus or bring out the individual in the group. Give more importance to the Individual.

But many times we are faced with a situation of giving equal importance to both the person being captured. While the same does not come out strong in a mobile photo as the quality is not great. It does matter if you are taking a photo with a camera as the quality is much better and enhanced.


So here the important point is to ensure that the distance from the camera is equidistant from both the person getting photographed. Another part which is as critical is to have the right aperture preferably equal or higher than 5.6 F so that the focus range increases and still get the right quality picture.

While lighting as usual creates a good effect. This picture was taken around Sun set where the light become diffused and creates a softness. So do keep in mind to keep an equal distance from all persons you are taking photo of.


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